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20 Points From 1 Corinthians 14 About Speaking In Tongues In The Church

20 Points We Can Glean from 1Corinthians 14 About
Speaking in Tongues in the Church are listed below:
Point #1 (Verse 1) Prophesying is preferable because it
is charitable, unlike speaking in tongues, which no
man in the church understands.
Point #2 (Verse 2) By speaking in an unknown
tongue you do not to speak to men, but unto God:
because no man understands what you are speaking,
even though you're speaking mysteries in the spirit.
Point #3 (Verses 3-4) Speaking in tongues in the
church gathering is not useful to the church, because
it only edifies the speaker; but the church cannot
understand the words of the tongue or language. But
prophesying edifies the church because through it we
can speak unto men for their edification, exhortation,
and comfort. The church gathering is not for speaking
to God alone, but also for speaking to one another
(Ephesians 5:19). Therefore, to speak to God alone
and not to men in the gathering of saints shows lack
of spiritual order. If when we come together in
fellowship we turn our backs against ourselves to
speak to God alone, we abuse the purpose of
corporate worship. If we must speak alone to God, it
should be in our private worship, as our Lord has
taught us in Matthew 6:5 and 6.
Point #4 (Verse 5) Paul preferred that all the church
would rather prophesy than to speak in unknown
tongues, because speaking with tongues is less than
prophesying, except it is accompanied by
interpretation so that the church may receive
Point #5 (Verse 6) Speaking with tongues to men
does not profit them, only speaking to them by
revelation, knowledge, prophesying, or by doctrine
that can edify them.
Point #6 (Verse 7) Even lifeless objects, such as pipe
or harp, which produce sound are more useful or
intelligible than speaking tongues that do not give a
distinction in the sounds made to the ears of men.
coolPoint #7 (Verse A degree of certainty and
distinctiveness of meaning is required in every sound
given in the church to build up, equip and perfect the
saints for their spiritual life's battles.
Point #8 (Verse 9) You can utter by the tongue words
easy to be understood; and except you do so you
would be speaking into the air. Mark this term, "to
speak into the air". It refers to the same exercise that
is termed "to speak not unto men but to God", "to
speak to yourself and to God". This is not a
commendable exercise in the church gathering, where
we come together to speak to one another, as well
as to ourselves and God.
Point #9 (Verse 10) All the many kinds of tongues in
the world are with signification or meanings. This is a
clear evidence that Paul was not treating the voices
or tongues of angels, as some would wish he was
doing in this chapter.
Point #10 (Verse 11) Speaking in tongues to men who
do not understand the tongues makes you a
barbarian to them and them a barbarian to you.
Point #11 (Verse 12-13) The zeal for spiritual gifts is
insufficient for the church gathering, except it seeks to
excel in edifying the church. Therefore the person that
speaks in an unknown tongue should pray that he
may interpret.
Point #12 (Verse 14-17) When you pray in an
unknown tongue in the church meeting, your spirit
prays, but your understanding bears no fruit to the
church; thus they will not be able to say "Amen" to
what they do not understand, even though you do
give thanks well in the language you employ. To
solve this problem you have to make sure that your
understanding bears fruit to the church while your
spirit is praying to God.
Point #13 (Verse 18-19) Paul spoke with tongues more
than all the Corinthians; thus it is clear that he was
not rebuking them because he was unable to speak
in tongues. Speaking in tongues more than them
could either be quantitatively or qualitatively;
whichever it was, Paul was discrete enough to rather
speak five words that could be understood in the
church, so that he might teach others also with his
speech, than to employ ten thousand words in an
unknown tongue that they would not understand.
Point #14 (Verse 20-22) Many Brethren are children in
the understanding of this matter of tongues because
they fail to understand that tongues are for a sign,
not to believers, but to unbelievers; whereas,
prophesying is not for the unbelievers, but for the
believers. This point should shame those who push
for tongues as a prayer language for believers.
Point #15 (Verse 23-25) If all the speakers in the
church speak with tongues, and there are any
unlearned persons, or unbelievers there, they will say
that the congregation is full of mad men. But if every
speaker prophesies or preaches the gospel by the
power of the Holy Spirit, the unbeliever will be
convicted and judged by all of them, through their
preaching; and the secrets of the heart of the
unsaved are thus made manifest by the plainness of
the anointed preaching; so that he falls down on his
face and worships God, and reports that God is in the
church of a truth!
Point #16 (Verse 26) Every spiritual activity in the
meetings of the saints should be done unto edifying
of all.
Point #17 (Verse 27-28) Speaking in an unknown
tongue in the church should be by two, or at the
most by three, and that by course; and let one
interpret. But if there is no interpreter, let the person
who intends to speak in tongues KEEP SILENCE in the
church; and speak to himself, and to God. Speaking to
himself and to God in the church should not be to the
hearing of men otherwise he would be disobeying
the instruction to keep silence. This is a clear
prohibition of speaking unknown tongues in the
church without interpretation.
Point #18 (Verse 29) The prophets are to speak by
two or three, just like the speakers of unknown
tongues, and the other is to judge the prophecy. This
includes the interpretation of tongues, which is placed
on equal rank with prophesying.
Point #19 (Verse 30-33, 40) Orderliness should be
maintained in Christian meetings.
Point #20 (Verse 39-40) We should covet or desire
strongly for the gift of prophesying, and not forbid to
speak with tongues, provided it obeys the conditions
already given in this chapter, in order to maintain
orderliness and decency in the church gatherings.

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7 Guilt-free Excuses To Cut A Bad Date Short

Some dates are fantastic and make your day beautiful. But some others are as boring as hell.
Mhen! There are instances when you go on a date and discover that it’s a bad one. And when you find
yourself in such a situation, a 20-minute date may look like one month to you.
The question most people often ask is this – What should I do when I find myself on a bad date. Well, the answer is simple, cut it short. So, in this article, I will share with you 7 guilt-free excuses to cut a bad date short.
Ordinarily, there are several ways to cut a bad date short without stressing yourself. But you have to be sensitive to your date’s feelings. I’m sure you won’t want a situation whereby you are feeling guilty after bluntly walking out of date.
There are some subtle ways to cut a date short without making him feel bad. That’s what you will learn in this article.
#1. Fake an Emergency Call From a Friend
This is one of the oldest tricks to cut a bad date short.
It’s a bit simple; all you need to do is to plan with
your friend before going on a date.
Once you notice that the date is becoming too dry
and boring, just text him/her a code word. The text is
a signal telling your friend to call you.
Immediately your friend calls you, act as if it’s an
emergency and apologize for cutting the date short. If
possible, promise to reach out to him to reschedule
the appointment. With this approach, your date will
not feel bad or humiliated.
#2. Spend Time in The Bathroom
When you discover that the date is boring and he has
nothing intelligent to offer in your conversation, you
can cut the date short by going to the bathroom. Be
polite about it; tell him you are going to use the
Spend a reasonable amount of time in there; ensure
you go with your phone so that you don’t get bored.
After like 5 minutes, come back to the table and tell
him that you are going to attend to something at
home that needs your attention.
He may want to convince you to stay, but don’t fall
for it. You may spend another boring 15 minutes of
your life listening to a dry and meaningless
conversation from him.
#3. Intentionally Spill Something on Yourself
If you want everything to look real, you can
intentionally spill something on yourself and run off to
change alone. It’s one of the best ways to cut a bad
date short. Once you spill something on yourself, you
will react by saying Oh no! I have to change. Boom,
the date is over. It’s as simple as that.
#4. Tell Him You can’t Stay Outside Too Long
What most guys do during a first date is to impress
you. And they will try as much as possible to buy
enough time to make you fall for them.
However, when you think the date is becoming
boring and bad, you can cut it short immediately
without feeling guilty. All you have to do is to tell him
that you can’t stay outside too late because you have
an early morning engagement the next day. With this
approach, you can quietly cut a date short without
#5. Be Sincere About How You Feel About Them
Most times, it’s advisable to let your date know how
you feel about them. Some people may think it’s
blunt, but it’s better to stop it before it starts instead
of giving him false hope.
Of course, he may feel bad, but you will not be guilty
of not telling him the truth. That’s the beauty of being
sincere about how you feel from the onset. Again, he
may want to convince otherwise, but don’t give room
for that.
#6. Talk Bad About the Political Party He Likes
This is bad, but it’s the best way of pissing him off
indirectly. Once you notice that you guys can’t work
out, you can start talking bad against his political
party. It’s the easiest way to make him leave the
table angrily.
#7. Fake Falling Asleep at the Table
Oops! This is one of the rudest ways to cut a bad
date short. It’s advisable not to use this method if you
have an iota of feelings for your date. But if you think
nothing can happen between you guys and the date
is already boring. It’s simple, try to doze off at the
Once he talks to you about sleeping off, tell him you
had a late night and you want to go home and rest.
With this approach, he won’t even attempt to
convince you to stay. After all, he saw you dozing off
during the date.
There you go! These are the guilt-free excuses to cut
a bad date short. With these tips, you can easily cut a
date short once you sense it’s boring.
However, don’t use any of these tips on someone
you have been seriously crushing on. It could ruin
your chances of being with him.
Lastly, always do your due diligence before going on
a date with any guy, especially if he’s someone you
met online.

by Adminkunlex
on Sun Feb 16, 2020 6:36 pm
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Effective backlink strategy

An effective backlink strategy:
The broken-link building method:
Broken link building is the link building method that is a white-hat link building strategy which gains links by finding broken links, Restore deleted pages and
helping webmasters replace these broken links with
your Correct source link.
Spy on your competitor's Backlinks:
Find and spy your competitor's backlink.
Make a list of your competitors.
View the number of backlinks for every competitor
Consider the authority of linking sites.
Article Submission:
Article Submission process allows us to secure
backlinks from most popular Articles, improving your
search engine ranking.
Document Sharing:
It is one of the OFF Page strategies in SEO. Document
sharing means sharing the document such as PDF,
Word, PowerPoint, Whitepapers, Case Studies etc.
Info-graphics Submission:
Infographics are one of the most popular methods for
bringing traffic to your website and gaining valuable
backlinks. Image submission can be an incredible
method to boost your website's SEO and share data
about your business.
Video :
1. Video is a powerful way to market your business.
2. A great video starts with the title
3. The description of the video is where you should
go into more detail about the specifics of the video.
YouTube is your best channel to use for video
marketing, build your traffic and brand awareness,
expand your social reach, market to audiences
overseas, improve your ROI, and diversify your video
marketing strategy with multiple channels.
Start A Blog:
Create A blog and distribute that content through
online blog directories or Social Media.
Blogs help you connect and share relevant and timely
information with customers.
High-quality blogs that are popular in your industry.
Over the years, You developed a strong network.
A blog is a discussion or informational product
published on the World Wide Web consisting of
discrete, often informal diary-style text entries
Guest posting :
Publish the post on the best target blog, with high
page rankings, from where you can expect to get a
lot of genuine traffic. An imperative part of guest
blogging is increasing in traffic to your site. This
connection will send quality traffic to your site after
somebody reads your blog post. An increase in site
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find out about your Services.
To Search Guest posting site
You just search for “[your niche]” + “[guest-posting
search string]”
Some search strings
1. write with us
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3. contribute to our site
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Your recent post [blog topic] truly impacted me. I
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Post link #1
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Thank you for your time and consideration and I look
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Your Name
Classified submission:-
The information provided in the Classified ads should
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your Classified and convince them that you can offer
a great deal.
Blog Directories submission:
Top High PR Dofollow link Blog directory sites, which
give your business: High-quality traffic and backlinks.
Claim your business listings: list your clinic in Google
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Social bookmarking:
social bookmarking sites are considered as quality
backlinks according to search engines. And we as a
whole realize that the quality backlinks helps us to
increase website and Google Page Rank.
How to find the good social bookmarking sites:
1. There are numerous sites on the internet which
are giving the list. The majority of these lists are
old and not refreshed from years. You can
collect social bookmarking sites from several
lists and begin examining them.
2. Check website is working or not
3. Check whether these sites are indexed in
Google or not
4. Use these sites for Social bookmarking
How to Use:
1. Select a site.
2. Upload bookmarks and links
3. Link to social media
4. Create useful tags
5. Download the extension
How to get Traffic from Social Bookmarking sites
1.Engage with your visitors
2.Increase your score
3. Follow other users
4.Ping your links for index

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Girls 10 Secrets: How to impress your boyfriend

It takes two to tango, So does it take two
understanding people to make a relationship work.
Every man wants a woman that supports him and
who can hangout with he and his friends.
You don’t want to be the girlfriend that is never given
attention or confused on how to get him crazy about
you again.
So here are some important tips to consider if you
want him running into your arms, every single time.
#1. Show Him Love: This is definitely the first step to
owning that spot in his heart. Love him like he’s the
only guy in the world.
Make him feel special and happy. Let him know and
feel that he’s the king of your heart and no one can
replace him.
He likes the fact that you’re crazy about him so show
him by giving him those tender kisses, hugs,
smooches, and say “I love you” when there’s a
#2. Don’t Be Too Possessive: Its cute to get
jealous at times and make him feel like you don’t
want to loose him to anyone but when you start
checking his messages and contact list, that can be a
big turn off.
Your man does’nt want to feel like he is being
monitored or watched.
Have some trust him and let him feel that he has got
a confident woman not an insecure girl.
#3. Just Be Yourself: Don’t try to be like a
supermodel or Beyonce because he likes her music or
has a few photos of her on his phone or change the
way you laugh or act because you want to impress
Men notice all that but its not going to change a thing
because he loves you for who you are and that is the
reason he asked you out in the first place.
Look good for him, stay fresh and as beautiful as you
were when you just met .
So be free to laugh loud and act silly around him, he
likes it.
#4. Care For Him: Let him know that you are always
going to be there for him through thick and thin not
just by saying it but your actions should correspond.
Ask him about his family especially the brother or
sister that he is really attached to. Talk about work
and what business venture he plans to dive into.
Be the caring girlfriend that wants to know if he has
had lunch,dinner, how healthy he is eating.
You can also put in some efforts by cooking for him
or preparing something special and bringing it to him.
The path to a man’s heart is through his belly so cook
well for him.
#5. Give Him Space: Yes ladies, give your man some
space! You don’t want him feeling all chocked up
around you.
Let him have some time to hangout with his friends
and do some exciting thing except he invites you,
best time to hangout with your friends too.
Don’t be a clinch or the girlfriend that is there 24/7.
Let him miss you a little and think about you then
give you a call.
#6. Be Independent: Don’t be the girl who runs to
her man at every little problem, try to fix things
At the beginning of the relationship he might find it
cute that you see him worthy enough to help out but
if you keep calling on him, he might begin to find it
irritating so don’t push it ladies.
Pay your own bills if you can, fix that broken tap or
call a plumber. Don’t stress him out or be that needy
chick, he can start to think twice about you.
#7. Never Compare Him To Your Ex’s: He might
not be hottest or the richest but he’s willing to do
everything in his power to please you and make you
So acknowledge the fact that he’s putting in effort
and make him feel appreciated.
Don’t complain when that favour you requested for
isn’t forthcoming or make spiteful comments about he
not measuring up to your ex.
That can hurt his pride so instead just be supportive
and give him the energy he requires emotionally.
#8. Communicate With Him: Let him know what’s
going on in your life and what your fears are, he’s
listening! A problem shared is half solved so confide
in him and he will do the same.
He’s not a magician and cannot read your mind so
don’t be shy to open up to him about work, the girl
you’re having problems with, your family.
Let him be your friend not just your lover. There
should always be something to talk about but when
there’s nothing, just cherish the silence and cuddle.
#9. Stay Loyal: Chris Brown thinks we ain’t, prove
him wrong! BE LOYAL.
Don’t be the chick that flirts with her man’s friends or
keeps secrets, he might start to have reasons to
doubt your loyalty.
Let him know he’s the only one and you’re as
committed as he is in the relationship.
Be honest and never leave anything unsaid
concerning your feelings or changes you’re starting to
see that you don’t like.
#10. Be Positive: Learn to see the best in him and give
compliments when he does something right or when
he’s looking his best.
Try to embrace him and let him know that you liked
it when he helped with the dishes or helped to carry
your bag.
Don’t be negative or start silly arguments, that’s a
total turnoff! When you focus on the negative, all
you”ll see is negativity.
Be the backbone he needs and not the bone in his
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on Thu Nov 28, 2019 6:30 am
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How To Know If A Girl Likes You – Ladies Deepest Secrets Revealed

Girls are beautiful creatures. Yet they are very
complicated to handle. Sometimes, it’s almost
impossible to know if a lady is into you. But in this
article, you will learn how to know if a girl likes you.
Understanding a lady is more complicated than
engineering mathematics. It’s a puzzle most guys find
extremely difficult to crack.
Ladies manifest their love for you in different ways.
Annoyingly, they expect you to understand their body
A friend of mine once asked a lady out, and the lady
outrightly declined. He tried for a while, and she said
no. The guy started dating another girl because the
one he initially asked out rejected him.
Guess what happened? The girl came back to my
friend that she loves him just that she was trying to
play hard to get. It sounds funny, huh? Well, that’s
how ladies behave…
So, here are some tricky ways to know if a girl likes
How to Know If a Girl Likes You
#1. When She Always Smiles at You
One of the green lights girls give when they like you
is to always smile at you. Whenever you are having
a conversation with her, she smiles at you a lot.
Once you see a lady smiling at you always, there are
chances that she likes you. However, I would advise
you not to rush things. Just take your time and follow
the flow.
Like I mentioned earlier, ladies are very complicated
sometimes. So, it will be unwise to ask her out
because she smiled at you one or two times.
The smile must be natural and real. I mean, the ones
that crinkle up her eyes
#2. She Finds Whatever You Say Funny
When a girl always laughs at whatever you say, it’s a
sign that she likes you. And when both of you spend
most of the time laughing and cracking jokes
together, the bond will become stronger.
My friend (John) once told me that he didn’t ask his
first girlfriend out. He was always cracking her up
with funny jokes.
Sometimes, they will spend time together saying
funny things and laughing out loud.
However, one afternoon, when they were together,
the girl kissed him. Guess what? That was how the
relationship started.
Surprisingly, that girl became his wife, and they are
both happy together. Most times, love happens in the
least expected ways.
#3. She Always Feels Uneasy When She Meets
Your eyes
Another tip on how to know if a girl likes you is
when she feels Uneasy whenever she meets your
Some girls will always want to shoot a short glance
at you when you are with them.
But they don’t want you to know that they are
looking at you. That’s why they always feel uneasy
when they meet your eyes.
Although a girl can still love you and confidently look
at your eyes, it’s not common…
#4. She Always Notices You
When a girl likes you, she notices you even in the
crowd. She observes you from a distance and will
always commend your actions.
However, ladies may notice you differently in
different situations. But the important thing is that
when a lady always notices you from a crowd, it’s an
indication that he loves.
#5. She Always Licks Her Lips When She’s With
You don’t need a soothsayer to know that a girl likes
you when she licks her lips whenever she’s with you.
It’s an obvious green light that ladies usually give
when they are attracted to you.
According to experts, when a lady licks her lips, it’s a
way of drawing your attention to her lips. In other
words, she is inviting you to kiss her.
However, you have to be patient when interpreting
some of these signs. And try as much as possible not
to take action too early. Again, sometimes, when a
lady licks her lips frequently, it could just be a bad
habit. But if she’s doing it because she wants you to
take action, you will be able to interpret it.
#6. She Always Enjoys Your Company
When a lady likes you, she will always want to be
around you. She will have a great conversation with
you and even tell you some of her deepest secrets.
And when you speak, she will give you full attention.
#7. She Gets Really Jealous When You Flirt With
Other Girls
When a lady likes you, she tends to get jealous
when she sees other girls around you. She may not
react immediately when she sees you flirting with
other girls.
But she will bring up the topic later in the future to
confirm if the lady in question is your lover. She may
say something like, “Please leave me alone so that
your girlfriend, I saw the other day would not break
my head.”
A statement like this may seem like a joke to you.
But she’s indirectly asking if you are in a relationship
with the girl she saw you with the other time.
#8. She Always Put Her Hand On Your Thigh
Another tip on how to know that a girl likes you is
when she put her hands on your thigh too often. If
she only does it once, it could be an honest mistake.
But if she repeats the same action regularly, she may
be trying to send you a greenlight.
Most times, guys usually feel uncomfortable and
nervous when a lady places her hand on their thigh.
But the players will keep calm and look into the girl’s
eyes for the next action.
#9. She Jokily Asks You Out for a Date
When a lady tells you to go out for a date with her
jokily, she may be indirectly telling you to ask her
out. As a rule, don’t get too excited when she casually
asks you out for a date. But if she keeps pushing for
it, you can make the first move.
Sometimes, a girl can even playfully tell you that “we
will look good together as a couple.” Even though she
says it casually, it could be an indirect way of telling
you she likes you.
#10. She’s Fond of Touching Whenever You Are
With Her
This is another helpful tip on how to know if a girl
likes you once you notice that a girl is fond of
touching you whenever you are together; it a sign
that she ones to be with you.
Depending on the girl, she can come up with different
excuses to touch you. Whatever her reasons are,
when the touch is becoming too frequent, it’s an
indication that she wants you to ask her out.
#11. Her Friends Indirectly Give You Clues That
She Likes You
Sometimes, her friends may give you a lot of clues
that she loves you. In fact, it’s one of the most
straightforward tips on how to know if a girl likes
What her friends do or how they react when you are
around them can give you a clue of what she’s been
telling them in your absence.
Some of the ways her friends will behave to give
you a clue about a lady’s fondness for you are;
1. They also glance at you when you are approaching
2. Sometimes, they may be smiling when they see
3. Her friends tend to tease her a lot when you are
4. She is always not comfortable around her friends
when you are with her. It could be that she’s afraid
that any of her friends may unconsciously tell you the
Once you understand these tips on how to know if a
girl likes you, you will not always find yourself in the
friendzone. Also, if you fail to take action when a
lady sends you a greenlight/signal, you will end up
being a ‘bestie’.
And we all know that nothing breaks the heart more
than seeing the girl you love so much in a
relationship with another guy and call you her ‘bestie’.
Source ===>
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Interview Dressing Tips For Ladies: The Dos And Don’ts

In our world today, the need to go through an
interview dressing tips for ladies has become very
necessary considering that your dressing speaks and
represents you even before you get the opportunity
to utter a word.
Although we are advised not to judge a book by its
cover, your dressing guides the other person’s mind to
unconsciously form an impression about you in a
matter of split seconds.
A Hollywood famous costume designer once said;
“you can have whatever you want if you dress for
it.” This can be a serious matter especially when you
are meeting the person for the very first time like
during an interview.
During that crucial moment, what you are wearing
can be a very important factor in the hiring process
irrespective of your level of skill, knowledge and
qualification for the job.
To avoid such awkward moments or situations we
will be dishing out some interview dressing tips for
This interview dressing tips for ladies will be divided
into dos and don’ts.
#1. Dress Formal
At first, planning or buying a job interview outfit is
can a pleasant experience at all, but considering the
importance of your choice of dress and the effect it
might have on the interview outcome I would advise
you do the needful.
The truth is, not every corporate company or
organization wants you to appear in a suit or skirt.
From experience, I would recommend you make use
of a search engine like Google to find out the dress
code of the concerned company.
#2. Let Your Outfit Show Your Personality
The fact that you are you have to dress appropriately
or according to the prescribed dress code does not
mean that you have to forget who you are. You
should try as much as possible to inscribe your
signature on your dressing.
For example, you might choose a printed scarf, a
black printed leather belt, a purse or even a piece of
jewellery to match with your outfit.
In as much as you would to do this, you should keep
it simple and not overdo things. I am sure that you
wouldn’t want to be remembered as the lady with a
red feather in her hair.
#3. Carry an Organized Purse
Yes, a very organized one for that matter. Carry
along a good shaped purse for the interview as you
can carry important items like your CV, pen, and
other important documents as you go along.
Most importantly make sure you take time to
organize the contents of the purse, as you wouldn’t
want to be scrambling for your pen when the
interviewer asks you to fill a form.
The last thing you would want to do is to embarrass
yourself by unearthing makeup kits and God knows
what else in the process of searching for a pen or a
document. This will only show your lack of
organizational skills and I am sure you can guess
where that will lead you.
#4. Wear Simple Accessories and Light Makeup
This will not be an issue for those that don’t wear
accessories or makeup. But then if you must wear
either accessory, makeup or both please keep it
simple and light.
Don’t appear with long earrings, big necklaces, ankle
chains, tattoos and unnecessary finger rings. You
shouldn’t forget that the interview is a business event
and not a social gathering.
Also, try as much as possible to wear very light
makeup because you can’t afford to lose the
attention of your interviewer to your makeup.
#5. Have a Good Manicure and a Simple Hairdo
A neat and well-groomed hand is a sign that you
take good care of yourself and that you are capable
of taking care of others.
Please leave the designer nails for the weekends and
other social events. I wonder if you have ever seen a
successful CEO with acrylic nails or decoration.
In addition, keep your hairdo very simple and avoid
all those complicated hairstyles that will make you
look like someone who is attending a party.
#1. Exhibit Nudity
Miniskirts, transparent cloths, saggy necklines and
openings at the bursting areas are a huge NO, uncles
you are looking for a different kind of work entirely.
It is also inappropriate to wear fishnet tights and
strapless dresses. Keep your pieces together and
bagged up but not revealing.
#2. Wear Overloaded and Noisy Accessories
I am not sure if you would want your interviewer to
watch your earrings entangle with your hair why you
are trying to answer a question. Keep it simple,
wears studs earrings if possible.
#3. Dress in Bright Prints or Fabric
Avoid the pinky pretty metallic tops as they are
meant to have fun with your friends during night outs
and cocktails, they are a no go area when it has to
do with work.
Always remember that you and only you should be
the centre of attraction and not your piece of clothing.
Seize the opportunity to show your interviewer how
you can represent the organization if employed.
#4. Indulge in Excessive Makeup
I am bringing this up again because of its importance.
A lot of people do the mistake of wearing very loud
makeups for job interviews. An interview doesn’t
require that kind of makeup you wear for an evening
at the ballet or a social gathering.
Regardless of these minor rules, the most important
thing is self-confidence which has nothing to do with
aesthetics but rather with your individual attitude.
Although mindful of your weakness, you can take
comfort in your strengths and not being afraid to
point them out when the need arises.
In a nutshell, don’t let negative thoughts take over
you and make you doubt your abilities, sometimes
the job might not be right for you as God has
something better in store for you.
Feel free to drop your feedback on the comment box
and don’t forget to share the post with your friends.
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12 Ways A Nigerian Mother Reacts When You Are Not Ready For Marriage

Nigerian mothers are drama queens. I sometimes wonder why some of them are not Nollywood actress. One little thing, boom, she will start acting as if she wants to die. I thought it was only my mom that’s dramatic until I saw Ada Bekee’s Recent thread.
According to her, every mother has a way of reacting when you tell them you aren’t ready for marriage.
Even though some of these reactions are funny, it’s what an average Nigerian faces from his mother.
Here are Nigerian Mother’s reactions when you are not ready for marriage According to Ada Bekee
#1. The Ones Who Won’t React or Show Any
These mothers understand you better than any other
person. They know you are just doing initial ‘gra gra’.
After all, when you were young you swore never to
eat chicken again after watching your grandpa killed
one. Now, your favorite food is grilled chicken and
vegetable salad. Nkogheri… That’s what it is. Period.
#2. The Ones Who Immediately Becomes
When you tell these Nigerian moms that you aren’t
getting married anytime soon, they become
suspicious. They will be like, why would a young,
handsome, successful, able-bodied man doesn’t want
to get married?
She’ll be like, “Bia nwokem, talk to me… Are you
gay? Are you in a cult? Are you impotent? What’s the
meaning of this madness? Talk to me, I’m your
#3. The Ones Who Will Take Matters Into Their
Own Hands
These Nigerian mothers would always take matters
into their own hands. They don’t have time to waste,
all they need is a grandchild. So, they don’t have time
for a long talk, they will just go and get you a wife
with or without your consent. When your madness
fades away, your wife would be waiting for you.
These mothers don’t take nonsense, either you marry
willing or they marry for you.
#4. The Ones Who Would Start Insulting You
These ones are like Patience Ozokwor of Nollywood.
She will be like, “Kitikpa racha gi anya there!” “You
will not marry na gini me?” “Odika isi gi mebiri
emebi, okwa ya?” If care is not taken, she’ll give you
one slap to reset your senses or stone you with her
#5. The Ones Who Would Immediately Invite
Pastors To Pray For You
These ones believe that the devil is at work. And
whatever is responsible for this demonic declaration
would have to be handled through intense
#6. The Ones Who Want To Carry Your
These ones are more interested in having
grandchildren. So, they would first seek clarification
before knowing how best to proceed. She’ll be like,
“you say you will not marry? Ngwanu help me
understand first… Children Nko? How are you going
to do it? Because I must carry my grandchildren!
#7. The Ones Who Would Start To Recall Your
They will start telling you your history right from the
night you were conceived. They will be like “Don’t
you know your pregnancy nearly killed me? After
carrying you in my womb for 9 months, 2 weeks and
days, you have the audacity to tell me you will not
#8. The Ones Who Will Grab A Knife And Rush Out
These ones are the funniest of them all. Once you tell
them you aren’t getting married soon, they would
grab a knife, rush out, and wail to everybody that’s
willing to hear.
She’ll be like, “Mama Donald! Come and hear wetin
this my pikin dey talk! E say him no go marry until
him die! Nor be craze dey worry am ” Then she’ll
proceed to act like she wants to kill herself so they
would hold her…
#9. The Ones Who Would Burst Into Prayers
These ones will reject your claim not to marry
anytime soon and start sending fire to all their
enemies. To them, this is the handiwork of the devil
and God must punish all of them.
#10. The Ones Who Will Start Laughing Scornfully
These ones won’t say much rather than laughing
scornfully. After laughing hard until tears come out of
her eyes, she’ll be like, “Kai! you are very funny! I
didn’t know you were such a comedian.
#11. The Ones Who Will Start Crying Like Someone
These Nigerian Mothers will break into tears once you
tell them you aren’t ready for marriage. As far as
they are concerned, their enemies have finally
#12. The Ones Who Will Check If You Are Running
These ones will always check if you are running
temperature. Because for you to spit out such
gibberish, you must be having a fever.

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Mybb SEO: How To Add Meta Tags to Your Forum

Difficulty level: Easy
Step 1:
Login into ACP >> Templates & Style >> Templates >> Now choose the template you want to edit.
Step 2:
Find Index Page TemplatesTemplates Click on it and Find index
Step 3:
Now at top meaning line #1 where it says below:
Step 4:
Replace it with this:
<meta name="Keywords"content="MyBB Seo
<meta name="Description"content="mybb plugins,
mybb themes, mybb tuts">
should look like this:
[Image: 1ZfYV.png]
Then press Save And Return To Listing
when you go on your forum Left Click On View
Page Info ull see something like this
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How To Add And Encrypt Password To Post And Pages On Blogger Platform

I will be showing #Blogger Platform users how to add or enable Password on any post.
these features is common for #weebly and #wordpress users. But the feature isn’t on blogger.
So therefore we will be enabling it using a
Javascript. You might want to share a special
article to few readers on your blog, so
therefore you will need to encrypt Password
on that particular article, with a dedicated
password you choose. in this tutorial i will
show you all you need to to enable this.
Follow the procedure below.
How To Add and Encrypt Password To
Post and Pages On Blogger Platform
1. Log in to your Blogger Dashboard and
navigate down to the “ Pages” or “ Posts ”
but i will be using post for example on this
2. Visit the Post Section and Click on New
Post and before writing the post Add the
following JavaScript below.
var password = ‘clickedwap’
password=prompt(‘This is password
protected page, please enter password to
if (password != ‘clickedwap’) {
Note: Remember to change “ CLICKEDWAP ”
to your desired password. Also change to the URL
you want it to redirect onto when a user
enters a wrong password.
3. Now Save/Publish and Open the Post After
writing, you will see a prompt asking you to
enter your password.
pyradic - #1 World Social
Community Forum
POST PASSWORD : clickedwap
If there is any difficulty. Comment below for
instant solution.
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See 7 Ways To Avoid Google Penalties

There are numerous factors that you ought to consider while creating a site. And on the off chance that you are continually involved with the #SEO market. Endeavor to ensure that you are adhering carefully to the Google rules and regulations.
#1. Try to avoid paid links
Many punishments issued by Google for the most
part center around the exchange of links between
sites. This is the place link farming comes in.
Link farming is in SEO processes usually to increase
the page rank of the sites. Most of the times, the
punishments depend on the quality between the
anchor text and exchanged links.
#2. Precautions to take when allowing guest blogging
Guest postings are a simple method to increase the
authoritative links building. Such sites are generally
punished by Google since they encourage and permit
the utilization of backlinking.
Another hindrance of guest postings is that, it will
degrade your site in view of the huge presence of
unwanted links.
One method that numerous authors could do is
including contextual links that are significant and
relevant to the content of the blog.
Also, including contextual and relevant or significant
links increases the visibility and ranking of the page
up to 10 times.
#3. Anchor texts
You may ponder what the term anchor text means.
Anchor texts are normally texts that help to enhance
the visibility of your site by helping internet search
engine to understand by utilizing keywords.
Numerous website designers try to exploit the
utilization of anchor text by always reusing them over
and over. This can make their sites more prone to
penalties and strikes by Google.
To avoid Google penalty from this, try adding
variations to the anchor texts and endeavor to
diversify them a bit. Like Penguin is utilizing anchor
texts as a factor.
#4. Take a check on the amount of keywords that
you use
SEO optimization utilizing keyword trafficking and
keyword stuffing is a standout amongst the most
well-known gimmicks that numerous webmasters
use to promote their websites.
One of the primary reasons why such websites get
punished by Google is a direct result of a large
number of concealed keywords that have no
pertinence to the content of the site.
To prevent this issue from your site, and to avoid
Google penalty from this, keep your keyword
densities always balanced.
#5. Avoid using hidden texts
Hidden texts are fundamentally words and text that
have an indistinguishable color as that of the site.
They can’t be seen by the user however they are
indexed by Google.
Having a considerable number of hidden links and
hidden texts is additionally a matter of being penalize
or punished by Google. Having texts that are cloaking
inside the site and having tricky redirects is likewise
punishable by Google and will at last lead you into
getting a strike.
#6.Try to have a stable brand signal
Brand building guarantees that your websites are
very much well ranked and are well visible during
keywords searches. They likewise help to get an ever
increasing number of punishments and strikes
removed from your site.
There are numerous ways by which you could extend
your trust. The main strategy is to have a decent
interface and design for your site.
#7. Try to have real links with people
Google punishes sites and brands via social media
who have loads of fake followers. Ensure that you
have genuine and legit social signals to promote your
image. Fake websites and social media accounts will
be punished by Google and a strike will be issued by
Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy reading this
post. However if you know any other way to avoid
google penalty feel free to let us know in the
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